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SDGs for a Small Planet

Mon, 2013-12-23 21:45
Simon Hoiberg Olsen

Senior Policy Researcher/Task Manager, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Connecting the local with the global agenda on sustainable development goals is a perennial challenge, but a major report by a consortium of agencies* to be published early in 2014 has studied 14 Asian and European countries, and come up with a complete set of illustrative goals, subgoals, targets and indicators.

Figure 1: W ApproachTo get there, the study started off by taking what’s known as 'the W approach'. The 'W' symbolises a combined focus on global and national sustainable development priorities, and the report uses this focus to identify possible sustainable development (SDG) goals for the reviewed countries.

The latest SDG and post-2015 news via World Resources Institute

This post originally appeared as content in the Post-2015 Digest newsletter issue 53 from World Resources Institute (WRI). You can sign up to the newsletter via the WRI website.

Fishing boats on Lake Victoria, Uganda. Photo: WRI/James Anderson

A sampling of the many report releases and writings in the news and blogosphere from the previous week on post-2015. This week we include numerous briefing materials in preparation for the current session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals. The session sits 9-13 December.

Reports and Goal Proposals

Catalyzing Water for Sustainable Development and Growth

Adeel Z., Bullock A., Chaudry M.A., Kuylenstierna J., Qadir M., Schuster-Wallace C.J. and Weitz N.

This report looks at the role of water in post-2015 development, providing an analysis of options to incorporate water in the SDGs. It underlines the need for significant change and investment in how we use the world’s freshwater resources and highlights the social, economic and environmental value such an investment would bring.

VIDEO: ODI's Jonathan Glennie on the three paradigm shifts needed post-2015

Thu, 2013-11-28 16:07
Jonathan Glennie

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

In this short video, the Overseas Development Institute's (ODI) Jonathan Glennie lays out the three paradigm shifts that need to be part of the post-2015 development agenda: sustainability, universality and equality.

This speech was originally made for Kepa's Development Policy Day. 

Caribbean SIDS: A civil society perspective on priorities for sustainable development

Nicole Leotaud and Anna Cadiz
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

Developing and strengthening partnerships with SIDS civil society actors is a critical strategy to achieve a coordinated and effective approach to sustainable development in SIDS. Capacity building is required in both government and civil society to produce a collective voice on Caribbean SIDS priorities for SDGs post-2015.