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Food Security- A Human Right and an Ethical Responsibility

Mon, 2015-01-19 16:03
Harshita Bisht

Harshita Bisht from IRF2015 partner Development Alternatives examines the proposed sustainable development goal (SDG) on food security.


Food security is a human right and is a fundamental ask for poverty eradication and sustainable development. As the world prepares for the post-2015 scenario by drawing up a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is crucial to have food security and agriculture to be adequately placed in the discussions around these goals.

Post-2015 Update - 12 January

12 January 2015 - this week's Post-2015 Digest provides a compilation of news, opinion, reports, and events on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and related processes, including comment on the role of the private sector, finance, and the need for the SDGs to embrace a theory of change. are .

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Post 2015 South Asia Development Agenda

Development Alternatives for SACEP
Development Alternatives

This report was prepared by Development Alternatives (DA) for the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP) and looks at the key challenges of "The future we want" Rio+20 outcome and provides critical analysis of the policy and programme responses across South Asia in addressing the environmental priorities identified.

Managing and conserving the natural resource base for sustained economic and social development

International Resource Panel
Development Alternatives

This short report by the UNEP-hosted International Resource Panel (IRP) with Development Alternatives recognises the urgency regarding natural resource issues and advocates the rational management of resources throughout the Post-2015 processes, integrating resources concerns in popular and widely acceptable goals on food, water, energy, and urban development, as well as calling for a separate

Equity Issues in a Green Economy (draft for discussion)

Zeenat Niazi & Mandira Singh Thakur
Development Alternatives for the Green Economy Coalition

This draft discussion document looks at the green economy from an equity perspective, stressing the need for greater equality as part of a sustainable development approach. It was produced on behalf of the Green Economy Coalition.