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Vivián Diaz
28 Nov 2016
Photo shows a street vendor in Mexico City

Mexico was one of the countries to lead on developing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of IRF’s series of interviews on implementation, Gerardo Franco from RIMISP talked to Adolfo Ayuso-Audry from Mexico’s Specialised Technical Committee for the Sustainable Development Goals Information System about how the country was approaching implementation.

Helen Burley
06 Oct 2016
photo shows a man tapping for rubber on a plantation in Liberia

A UK parliamentary committee wants to know how best to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. One year into the 2030 Agenda, countries are starting to explore different paths.

Eliza Northrop, Hana Biru, and Mathilde Bouyé
30 Sep 2016
A farmer in Uganda

A new Working Paper from IRF partner WRI finds clear alignments between the changes needed to implement the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Anshul Bhamra and Syed A A Farhan
08 Sep 2016
Photo shows women participating in a village council in India

IRF partner, Development Alternatives has been assessing the processes put in place in India to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although some important steps have been taken, there is still a critical need to devise a coherent participatory process in developing plans and enough information has not yet reached the citizens to trigger their involvement with SDGs. 

Zeenat Niazi
03 Aug 2016
photo shows three children playing outside their house in Dharavi, Mumbai

The old development model based on economic growth has had its day, argues Zeenat Niazi, and India must choose a new alternative if it is to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

Essam Yassin Mohammed
14 Jul 2016
Fish being carried to market in baskets across the fields in Bangladesh

As the High Level Political Forum in New York focuses on how to ensure no one is left behind, Essam Yassin Mohammed from IIED asks what this means for fisher communities.

Helen Burley
21 Jun 2016
Photo shows DochuLa Pass, Bhutan

In the second IRF interview looking at national approaches to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Chime Paden Wangdi from Bhutan explains how her country’s philosophy of seeking Gross National Happiness aligns with the SDGs.

Caspar Trimmer
16 Jun 2016

Måns Nilsson from SEI explains in an interview a new framework for mapping and categorising interactions between different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which has been published as an ICSU working paper.

Sonya Suter and Adam Fishman
15 Jun 2016
Traffic congestion in Bangkok

Policy coherence is essential if governments are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and some governments are already leading the way.

Masego Madzwamuse
10 Jun 2016
Photo shows children in Malawi

With governments now responsible for delivering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, IRF partner, OSISA, is working with civil society to explore options for increasing accountability. Masego Madzwamuse shared her thinking in an interview.