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Formed in 2012, the Independent Research Forum (IRF) partnership brought together organisations working on sustainable development around the world. The project is now closed. This website is no longer updated, but allows access to IRF blogs and recent publications until December 2019 when it will also close.

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Sonya Suter and Adam Fishman
15 Jun 2016
Traffic congestion in Bangkok

Policy coherence is essential if governments are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and some governments are already leading the way.

Masego Madzwamuse
10 Jun 2016
Photo shows children in Malawi

With governments now responsible for delivering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, IRF partner, OSISA, is working with civil society to explore options for increasing accountability. Masego Madzwamuse shared her thinking in an interview.

Elizabeth Stuart
08 Jun 2016
Photo shows UK Prime Minister David Cameron speaking at a UK aid event

A UK parliamentary committee has found that the UK is not doing enough to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at home.

Helen Burley
03 Jun 2016
photo shows woman stacking shelves in a supermarket.

Delivering on the 2030 Agenda was the theme of the second UN Environment Assembly – and a session on food and natural resources highlighted how the politics of delivery may not be straightforward.

Simon Hoiberg Olsen
20 May 2016
PHotos shows a pedal taxi in Germany

In the first of a series of interviews on SDG implementation, IRF spoke to Dr Günther Bachmann from the German Council for Sustainable Development about Germany’s approach.

Amshul Bhamra
22 Apr 2016
Picture shows bus on journey to the SDGs

Anshul Bhamra from Development Alternatives assess Delhi’s recent budget and asks how it matches up to the commitments India has made under the Sustainable Development Goals.

Måns Nilsson
13 Apr 2016
solar panels in India

Science, technology and innovation (ST&I) can help implement the Sustainable Development Goals in more ways than many policymakers realise, says Måns Nilsson from SEI. This post originally appeared on SciDev.net

Paul Lucas, Norichika Kanie, and Nina Weitz
05 Apr 2016
Photo shows a subway train in Stockholm, by Roger W via flickr.com, creative commons licence

What does the 2030 Agenda mean for domestic policy in high income countries? The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Keio University and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have explored what it means in Sweden, Japan and the Netherlands, and ask how these countries can act to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. This blog originally appeared on IISD.


Tom Bigg
08 Mar 2016
photo shows woman crossing the finish line on a running track

"Leave no-one behind" has become a key phrase in interpreting the Sustainable Development Goals, but we should think carefully about what it implies.

Mick Blowfield
08 Feb 2016
photo shows street hawkers in Hanoi, Vietnam

Business has a key role in sustainable development (and the SDGs), but let's not forget how much of that business is in the informal sector.