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Latest news - 14 Dec

14 Dec - this week's post-2015 digest provides a compilation of news, opinion, reports, and events on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and related processes, including a report on aid post2015 and questions as to which way forward for the SDGs.

Climate has become the central development issue, according to Justin Worland in Time, photo:Yann Caradec via flickr.com, creative commons licence


·         CONCORD AidWatch: Looking to the future, don't forget the past: Aid beyond 2015. This report looks at the new development framework and what the EU can do to ensure it delivers real benefits for those suffering from poverty and inequality. It recommends fulfilling the 0.7% target by 2020; launching consultations to develop a common methodology to measure additionality of private sector flows; and using at to support domestic resource mobilization, among other points on increasing aid efficacy. A related article by Thalif Deen in IPS News is available here.

·         Petra Krylová and Owen Barder (Center for Global Development) Commitment to Development Index  (CDI) 2015. The CDI responds to the fact that in an integrated world, the behavior of all countries affects people around the globe. It ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries on policies that affect the more than five billion people living in poorer nations, looking at aid, finance, technology, environment, trade, security and mitigation.

·         World Health Organization (WHO): Health in 2015: from MDGs to SDGs. This report looks back 15 years at the trends and positive forces during the MDG era and assesses the main challenges that will affect health in the SDG era beginning on January 1st. It dedicates chapters to a wide variety of health issues, from universal health coverage to reproductive health to infectious and non-communicable diseases to mental health.

·         UNDESA, UNCTAD, and the five UN regional commissions: World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016. This joint report projects the world economy to grow by 2.9 percent in 2016, but finds that 2015 growth was estimated at only 2.4 percent, a downward revision by 0.4 percent from earlier in the year. Chapter 1 is available by following the above link. The full report will be released in January 2016. A related write-up by Valentina Ieri on IPS News is available here.

·         Regions Refocus Recap: Our 2015 Anniversary Report. This report looks back on the Regions Refocus aims and achievements over the past year and a half. It highlights the initiative’s policy workshops virtual teach-ins and convenings, as well as analytical work, proposals and impacts, with particular focuses on 1) advancing progressive and feminist policies and 2) linking regional to global policies.

·         Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform: SD in Action Newsletter – December 2015. This issue features articles on the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Group on Sustianable Transport; national implementation of the energy SDG (Goal 7), targets and indicators; and a new partnership for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), among other exciting news.




·         IAEG-SDG Open Consultation on Grey Indicators. This consultation focuses on indicators that are coded 'grey', indicating that additional work and discussion are needed before reaching a final agreement on them. The deadline to submit responses is 9pm Tuesday, 15 December. A related write-up by IISD is here.http://community.wri.org/image/2014-email/spacer.gif



·         Claire Melamed on ODI’s blog. "So the SDGs are agreed – what now?"

·         Casey Dunning on CGDev’s blog. "SDGs Ready To Go? Far From It."

·         IISD News. "Briefing Highlights Decent Work in SDGs, Indicators."

·         Heather Grady (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors), Bhekinkosi Moyo (Southern Africa Trust) and Sevdalina Rukanova (European Foundation Centre) in Alliance Magazine. "Why the SDGs Matter."

·         Larry McGill (Foundation Center) on Philanthropy News Digest. "Foundations and the SDGs: Poised to Make a Difference?"

·         Jessica Espey on SDSN’s blog. "Trajectories for SDGs: Are we headed in the right direction?"

·         Degol Hailu on UNDP’s blog. "The SDGs need a new measure of GDP."

·         Mahmoud Mohieldin and Mariana Hahan (World Bank Group) in the Huffington Post. "Finding the Missing Millions Can Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals."

·         Naki B. Mendoza with Julia Gillard (Former Australia PM) on Devex. "Advancing the SDGs through inclusive education."

·         Linda P. Fried (Columbia University) in the Huffington Post. "Public Health and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals."

·         Cesar Victora (Federal University of Pelotas) and Kate Somers (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) on Devex. "Equity: A platform for achieving the SDGs and promoting human rights."

·         Justin Worland in Time. "How Climate Change Became the Central Development Issue."

·         Whitney Johnson (Yale University) on Global Landscapes Forum’s blog. "To make the SDGs grow, add water."


This digest is compiled by WRI, a member of IRF2015 — a collaboration of 10 international research institutions providing critical thinking, integrated analysis and awareness raising for a post-2015 development agenda. We welcome submissions of any materials for this digest that you would like to see included during the week. Please e-mail Adam Fishman (afishman@wri.org) with suggested items to post, questions or comments. To subscribe to this weekly digest, along with other WRI newsletters, please visit this sign-up page on WRI’s website.