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We are two years into the global commitment to end poverty, combat inequality and shift the world onto a sustainable development pathway by 2030. Countries are settling down to the business of deciding what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mean for them and how they can contribute to achieving them. 

SDG poster
The IRF is partnering with a nine-country leadership initiative on the SDGs for a series of retreats to stimulate creative approaches to achieving the 2030 Agenda’s vision of transformative change.
Flipchart showing four questions to ask as part of an evaluation via 'we collaborate'

What are the key challenges for governments looking to develop their national evaluation capacity to support implementation of the SDGs? 

Photo shows Question Mark sculpture outside a university building in Ipswich, UK

Reflecting on how we reason, plan and act is crucial for tackling the inter-connected challenges inherent in the Sustainable Development Goals, a new briefing from IIED and EVAL SDGs argues.

Photo shows representatives from IRF, Oskar Thorslund from the Swedish government and representatives from the City of Gothenburg at the HLPF event in New York

The challenge of delivering the Sustainable Development Goal agenda, involving different stakeholders and ensuring no-one is left behind, dominated discussions at the IRF side-event at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York.

photo shows a (complex) woodland ecosystem in autumn

A new briefing from IIED and EVAL SDGs sets out five lessons for evaluating the SDGs drawing on a “complex systems” approach. 

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Do global indicators risk masking sub-national variations? A new briefing from IIED and EVALSDGs looks at the role of monitoring and evaluation in getting the most from indicators. 

Photo shows a child sitting on train lines in Cambodia, photo by zoriah.net

Join IRF and the Government of Sweden to discuss How can national level strategic planning ensure that no one is left behind at the High Level Political Forum in New York on Friday 15 July, 6.15pm, Conference Room 10, UN Conference Building.

Photos shows German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt speaking at the Jump-starting the SDGs in Germany event

IRF partners joined a three-day conference in Berlin on Jump-starting the SDGs in Germany: Natural Resources and Sustainable Consumption and Production. Capture a flavour of the discussions at the event through social media in this Storify.

photo shows a tape measure

A new briefing from EVALSDGs, IIED, and Evalpartners argues that evaluation will be crucial to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals, and that this means more than just measuring progress on individual indicators.