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Post-2015 update - 8 June

8 June, 2015 - This week's post-2015 digest provides a compilation of news, opinion, reports, and events on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and related processes, including news of the zero-draft text, and related comment.


A new animation from IIED seeks to bring the ambition of the SDGs to life.


  • Transforming Our World by 2030: A new agenda for global action. This much-anticipated zero draft of the Outcome Document for the UN Summit to adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda covers the four components of the Agenda: an opening Declaration; the Sustainable Development Goals and targets; Means of Implementation and the Global Partnership; and Follow-up and Review. Also included are three annexes: revisions to 21 targets, the food for thought paper on a technology facilitation mechanism, and  the introduction to the OWG’s proposal. Reactions and coverage is available in the news and blogs section below.
  • Paul Steele (IIED): Development Finance and Climate Finance: achieving Zero Poverty and Zero Emissions. Currently open for consultation until June 12, this paper examines the link between finance for development, climate adaptation, and climate mitigation in LDCs, MICs and others. It suggests that in LDCs, climate adaptation might be considered part of development finance because the links between the two are quite close, whereas in MICs, climate mitigation is separate from development finance and should be additional to ODA. The paper also examines the role of private finance in climate mitigation and incentives for developed countries to invest in climate mitigation in MICs.
  • Six Themes of the Interactive Dialogues for the Summit. This document presents a revision of the six themes of the intergovernmental negotiations, under the theme “Transforming the world: realizing the post-2015 development agenda.” Each dialogue is intended to address the three dimensions of sustainable development.
  • David Steven (NYU-CIC): The Post-2015 Agenda – Delivering its Core Promises to Children. This paper identifies four ‘core promises’ that the post-2015 development agenda should make to children: 1) no child should die from a disease we can prevent; 2) every child should have the food needed to grow normally; 3) every child should be able to read and write and should be numerate; and 4) no child should live in fear. These promises link to the proposed SDGs, in areas of health, education, food security, and peace and security, but are not on track to be met by 2030. The author calls for credible plans to deliver these promises and suggests a few key elements of what is needed.


  • First Meeting of the IAEG-SDG. This meeting of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals was held 1-2 June 2015 in New York. The agenda, participant list and background documents are available in the link above, and a write-up by IISD is available here.
  • Intercessional Consultations for FFD3. Consultations in the lead-up to the Third International Conference on Financing for Development continued 1-5 June 2015, at UN Headquarters in New York. The FfD consultation page is above, and a write-up of last week’s consultation by IISD is available here.
  • WEF African Forum 2015. This forum was held 3-5 June 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa, on the theme "Then and Now: Reimagining Africa's Future."


This digest is compiled by WRI, a member of IRF2015, a collaboration of 10 international research institutions providing critical thinking, integrated analysis and awareness raising for a post-2015 development agenda. Any submissions for this digest, comments or suggestions should be e-mailed to Sonya Suter (sonya.suter@wri.org). To subscribe to this weekly digest, along with other WRI newsletters, please visit this sign-up page on WRI’s website.