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Implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Latin America

Author(s): Cristian Leyton, Valentina Cortínez, Milena Umaña, Cesar Suarez (RIMISP) y Karina Barquet (SEI)
Organisation: RIMISP, SEI
Jan 2018
This scoping paper reports on progress in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in 13 Latin American countries, focusing mainly on the bottlenecks, good practices and learning of this process.

La implementación de la Agenda 2030 en América Latina

Author(s): Cristian Leyton, Valentina Cortínez, Milena Umaña, Cesar Suarez (RIMISP) y Karina Barquet (SEI)
Organisation: RIMISP, SEI
Jan 2018

Lessons from Latin America on implementing the 2030 Agenda: learning from a regional retreat

Author(s): Karina Barquet, Cristian Leyton, Valentina Cortínez and Ángela Penagos
Organisation: SEI
Dec 2017

How has Latin America approached the challenges of the 2030 Agenda? What obstacles have countries encountered, and what solutions have they tried? This policy brief summarizes discussions at an informal retreat for policy-makers in Bogota, Colombia.

Achieving the SDGs' Vision of Equity, Growth and Resilience in Africa through Regional Cooperation

Author(s): e.g. Camilla Toulmin
Organisation: Government of Republic of Liberia, and Independent Research Forum
Nov 2017
On 15-17 September 2017, the Independent Research Forum (IRF), a grouping of ten sustainable development institutes and think tanks from around the world, and the government of the Republic of Liberia held a retreat on Achieving the SDGs’ vision of equity, growth and resilien

How can national planning ensure no one is left behind?

Author(s): IRF
Jul 2016

IRF is hosting a side event at the High Level Political Forum in New York on Friday 15 July 2016

The 2030 agenda: IRF's proposal for action

Author(s): IRF
Jan 2016

This short paper explores three proposed new areas of work for IRF to support Agenda 2030's ambition for universal, integrated and transformative change.

IRF - supporting change for a sustainable future

Author(s): IRF
Dec 2015

This brochure describes IRF's expertise and work to support the 2030 sustainable development agenda, including details of the partner organisations and their global reach.

Transforming the course of development post-2015

Author(s): IRF2015
Organisation: IRF2015
Sep 2015

This media briefing looks at the global goals for development being agreed by the United Nations General Assembly at its 70th Session on the 25-27 September, and explores how they represent a new direction for the global community, integrating environmental sustainability with eliminating poverty and inequality wherever it is found.

Retreat 7 - Summary

Organisation: IRF2015
Jun 2015

This summary captures the main themes from the seventh IRF2015 informal retreat on the theme of Accountability for Results: Building an Integrated Monitoring and Review Framework for the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda in New York.

Learning from Caribbean experiences in the post-2015 negotiation process

Author(s): Tighe Geoghegan and Nicole Leotaud
Organisation: CANARI
Jun 2015
This paper by IRF2015 partner, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), describes how as an independent regional organisation, it carried out an action research and learning process which sought to support Caribbean countries in achieving strong negotiating positions in the global sustainable development initiatives taking place in 2014-2015.