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SDG news - 11 Jan

11 Jan 2016 – this week’s post-2015 digest provides a compilation of news, opinion, reports, and events on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and related processes.

http://community.wri.org/image/2014-email/spacer.gifA new report asks what humanitarian effectiveness means in the age of the SDGs, image: Fotomovimiento via flickr.com , creative commons licence.

REPORTS AND PROPOSALShttp://community.wri.org/image/2014-email/spacer.gif

·         Note by the UN Secretary-General: Report of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators. This report provides an overview of the IAEG-SDGs’ work on the development of an indicator framework, describing activities undertaken since the Group’s inception. The report also presents a proposal of global indicators for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. A table in the report shows 231 proposed indicators, 80 of which are still under review, with any agreed modifications to be reported to the UN Statistical Commission in February. A summary write-up by IISD is available here.

·         UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): Leaving No One Behind: Humanitarian effectiveness in the age of the Sustainable Development Goals. This study highlights 12 elements that are critical to effective humanitarian assistance and protection in light of the 2030 Agenda. It describes five shifts in mindset and approach that can support people in crisis: 1) reinforce, don’t replace existing capacities and coping strategies; 2) enter with an exit: collaborate to reduce and end humanitarian need; 3) leverage comparative advantage: strengthen connectivity and strategic leadership; 4) see the whole picture: 360-degrees of needs and risk; and 5) measure shared results for collective accountability. A related blog by Dan McClure on the UN HCR’s website is here.

·         Debapriya Bhattacharya: Post-2015 International Development Agenda in the Context of Interlocking Trade and Financing in the LDCs. This paper explores the compatibility of financing instruments and modalities mentioned across major documents relating to the post-2015 agenda (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Addis Ababa Action Agenda, Bali Package), with respect to trade interests and concerns of LDCs. It looks at economic and financial trends in LDCs, and policy options relating to the deployment of specific financial instruments, paying special attention to the increasing role of blended finance.

·         UN ESCAP, CSIRO and University of Sydney: Integrating the Three Dimensions of Sustainable Development: A framework and tools. This publication introduces useful concepts and practical tools to assist policymakers in promoting integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development across the policy cycle. It explores the use of qualitative scenarios and quantitative input-output analyses for sustainable development policymaking, outlining the limitations and knowledge and information requirements of each.



·         Claire Melamed (ODI) on the newly-launched deliver2030.org (formerly post2015.org). "SDGs Week One – a progress report."

·         Geoff Wells (University of Edinburgh) on IIED’s blog. "The Paris Agreement, SDGs and simple local monitoring."

·         Livia Bizikova, Peter Denton and László Pintér with a commentary on IISD’s website. "Are We There Yet? Five criteria for successfully measuring progress on the SDGs."

·         Abigail Hunt (Womankind Worldwide) on Development Progress. "Five steps to turn SDG gender commitments into action."

·         Plan International with a post on Thomson Reuters. "Global Goals: It’s time to raise our sights for girls’ rights."

·         Susanna Gable and Israel Osorio Rodarte on the World Bank’s Let’s Talk Development blog. "From global SDGs to country policymaking."

·         IISD News. "As 2016 Begins, UN Calls for Delivering on SDGs."

·         Barry Knight (Webb Memorial Trust) in Philanthropy News Digest. "Foundations Keen to Collaborate on SDGs."

·         Michael Igoe on Devex. "Flat ODA and blended finance: What it means for aid implementers."

·         Brian Francis (University of the West Indies) in Nation News (Barbados). "Financing for development ‘another’ challenge."

·         Interview with Fischer Chiyanike (President, UNO-Zimbabwe) in Voice of America Zimbabwe. "Can Zimbabwe Implement UN-Adopted Sustainable Development Goals?"

·         Linda P. Fried (Columbia University) in the Huffington Post. "A New Year for Sustainable Development and Public Health."

·         Katherine Purvis with a request in the Guardian. "First steps towards achieving the SDGs - share your stories and images."

·         UN News Centre. "Sustainable Development Goals to kick in with start of new year."


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