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SDG Synergies Digest – 12 June 2017


  • Business and Sustainable Development Commission: Better Business, Better World: Sustainable Business Opportunities in Asia. This report identifies the most significant business opportunities in Asia for pursuing the Global Goals in four industry systems: cities; energy and materials; food and agriculture; and health and well-being. It notes that more than 40 percent of the $12 trillion in business opportunities associated with the Global Goals around the world are in Asia, and that pursuing those opportunities could create almost 230 million new jobs in the region by 2030. Additional coverage of the report is available in the News and Blogs section below.
  • Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Report of the UN Secretary-General (E/2017/66). This report, now available under the “Documentation” tab of the HLPF webpage, provides a global overview of the current situation of each SDG, on the basis of the latest available data for indicators in the global indicator framework. The report notes that some targets are not reflected at this stage, owing to the lack of data, or because they are measured by indicators that are still undergoing methodological development. A write-up by Nathalie Risse for IISD is available here.
  • The New European Consensus on Development: Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future. This document, signed during European Development Days (see Meetings section), is a strategic blueprint that represents Europe’s new collective vision and plan of action to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development. Commitments recognize strong linkages between thematic actions, take a comprehensive approach to means of implementation, and aim to create better-tailored partnerships. An EU press release is available here.
  • UNDP: 10 Solutions to Help Meet the SDGs in Asia and the Pacific. This report showcases ten projects that, in partnership with UNDP, are transforming the course of development and leading to the achievement of SDGs in the Asia-Pacific region. It is noted that, although some of the interventions profiled have unfolded over many years, they demonstrate how much can happen when commitment is sustained.


  • UN Oceans Conference. This conference was held 5-9 June 2017 at UN headquarters to support implementation of SDG 14. Selected side event coverage by IISD Reporting Services is here, their full coverage is here, and a wrap-up story on UN News Centre is available here. Further resources are available at the recently launched SDG14.net website, run by Alan AtKisson.
  • European Development Days 2017. This year’s edition of EDD took place 7-8 June 2017 in Brussels, on the theme “best of investing in development.” The speakers list, webcast, and further info is available at the above link.
  • World Circular Economy Forum 2017. This forum was held 5-6 June 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. WRI’s Kitty van der Heijden was a speaker. Coverage by IISD Reporting Services is available here.


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