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SDG update - 10 October

10 October – this week’s SDG Delivery Update compiles news, opinions, reports, and events related to the Sustainable Development Goals, including details this week of the UNDESA World Economic and Social Survey 2016 looking at climate change resilience as an opportunity for reducing inequalities. 

A UNDESA survey looks at communities disproportionately affected by climate hazards, photo: United Nations Photo via flickr.com, creative commons licence.


  • New Climate Economy: The Sustainable Infrastructure Imperative: Financing for Better Growth and Development. This report looks at three inter-related issues that tie back to investing in sustainable infrastructure: reigniting growth, delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, and reducing climate risk in line with the Paris Agreement. Section 1 of the report lays out the sustainable infrastructure opportunity, while Section 2 outlines a roadmap for financing. Section 3 focuses on cross-cutting reforms and institutional changes to transform the financial system, while Sections 4 through 6 look at energy, cities and land use, respectively. A press release by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate is here, while a PDF download of the executive summary is available here.
  • UNEP: Sustainable Development in Practice: Applying an integrated approach in Latin America and the Caribbean. This report, launched at the Regional Symposium on the Integrated Approach for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean this past week in Brazil, assists policymakers seeking to balance integration within different development objectives. Further, it highlights the roles different stakeholders play in the development process. The publication provides an overview of concepts and tools successfully used in the LAC region to offer practical insights and entry points that enable the merging of the three dimensions of sustainable development.
  • UNESCO, IDS and ISSC: World Science Report 2016 - Challenging Inequalities: Pathways to a Just World. This report makes clear that understanding and acting effectively upon inequalities requires looking beyond income and wealth disparities to capture their political, environmental, social, cultural, spatial, and knowledge features. It emphasizes that the costs of inequalities are very high and borne by all – not just by the deprived and the excluded, but collectively, by current and future generations, in the form of heightened conflict and instability, economic and fiscal losses, environmental degradation, and political tensions. A write-up by IISD is available here.
  • WBCSD: Reporting Matters: Communicating on the Sustainable Development Goals. Spanning 163 companies from more than 20 sectors and 35 countries, the 2016 edition of Reporting Matters is the outcome of the fourth review of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) members’ sustainability and integrated reports. The 2016 edition shows that nearly a third of WBCSD members are already communicating on the SDGs in their corporate non-financial reporting, a welcome and encouraging development that is likely to increase year-on-year.






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