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SDG update - 22 Feb

22 Feb – this week’s SDG Delivery Update provides a compilation of news, opinions, reports, and events on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related processes and issues pertaining to implementation, including details of a new country-level SDG Index and dashboard for OECD countries. 

Woman searches through trash in Cuzco, Peru
Will the SDGs mean a different approach to poverty? photo: Geraint Roland via flickr.com, creative commons licence

http://connect.wri.org/l/120942/2015-11-10/2pvl7z/120942/107917/spacer.gifREPORTS AND PROPOSALS

  • Olav Kjørven: The unlikely journey to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This commentary offers a personal account of the MDG and SDG processes, including the “near-death experience” at Rio+20. The author describes the discussions that have taken place since, also noting a series of retreats convened by World Resources Institute in partnership with think tanks from the Independent Research Forum. The document concludes by looking ahead, at challenges facing the world as the ‘real work’ of implementing the SDGs begins.
  • SDSN: Preliminary Sustainable Development Goal Index and Dashboard. This draft paper presents a preliminary country-level SDG Index using data available today to measuring achievement across the 17 SDGs. The paper also proposes an SDG Dashboard for OECD countries that presents data visually by country and Goal to help stakeholders identify the most urgent priorities in each country and region. It illustrates that even countries that rank highly on the overall SDG Index may face major challenges on some goals.http://connect.wri.org/l/120942/2015-11-10/2pvl7z/120942/107917/spacer.gif
  • SustainAbility: Global Trends & Opportunities: 2016 and Beyond. This report is based in part on a series of interviews with sustainable development experts, including WRI’s own Kitty van der Heijden. It describes a clearer development trajectory in 2016, with the adoption of the Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda and a convergence of sustainability and other affairs, but also notes the increasing complexity of today’s issues. The report identifies a number of “key signals to watch” and opportunities for corporate leadership.
  • UN DESA: SD in Action Newsletter, February 2016. This month’s newsletter includes an update on countries that have volunteered to participate in national reviews of the 2030 Agenda at the High Level Political Forum; notes the application to speak at the High-Level Thematic Debate on Achieving the SDGs in April; provides an overview of the General Assembly briefing on the SDG indicators framework; and provides a description of and link to the new website for national capacity building.



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