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SDG update - 24 October

24 October 2016 – this week’s SDG Delivery Update compiles news, opinion, reports and events related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including details of a new FAO report on climate change, agriculture and food security, and reports from Habitat III.

Photo shows woman harvesting millet in Sudan

A new report from FAO looks at climate change, agriculture and food security, photo: UNAMID via flickr.com, creative commons licence.


  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO): ISO26000 and SDGs. This document offers guidance to members on how to get started with ISO 26000 and integrate social responsibility throughout an organization. It identifies several core subjects (environment, labor practices, human rights) and sub-issues, then notes the sub-clauses under which each is addressed.
  • FAO: Climate change, agriculture and food security. This report identifies strategies, financing opportunities, and data and information needs in relation to agriculture, food security and climate change. It describes transformative policies and institutions that can overcome barriers to implementation.



  • Ninth South Asia Economic Summit (SAES). This summit was held 15-16 October 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hosted by the Centre for Policy Dialogue, the event focused on the theme “Reimagining South Asia in 2030.” A write-up of the event in the Daily Star is available here.
  • Securing Indigenous and Community Land Rights in the Context of the SDGs. This meeting hosted by IFAD 17-21 October 2016 in Rome, Italy reviewed experiences to date that successfully achieve legal recognition of community and indigenous lands rights through projects; discussed methodologies to measuring progress towards legal recognition and tools for managing land rights data; and strategized on how to coordinate amongst various stakeholders in local, regional and global level policy engagement.



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