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Learning from Caribbean experiences in the post-2015 negotiation process

Tighe Geoghegan and Nicole Leotaud
This paper by IRF2015 partner, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), describes how as an independent regional organisation, it carried out an action research and learning process which sought to support Caribbean countries in achieving strong negotiating positions in the global sustainable development initiatives taking place in 2014-2015.

Lessons for effective negotiations on the post-2015 agenda

Thu, 2015-04-09 15:52
Cletus Springer

How can small states with limited resources have an effective voice in the post-2015 negotiations?  Cletus Springer, the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute’s (CANARI) Green Economy Advisor has been looking back at the Caribbean experience at the Rio summit in 1992 and finds that regional collaboration is key.

Protecting rural livelihoods and reducing poverty are key to sustainable development in the Caribbean. Photo: CANARI

Instilling resilience in economic, natural, social and political systems

Tighe Geoghegan
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute

This briefing paper provides an outline of a Caribbean strategic position on sustainable develpment in the context of the post-2015 global agenda on sustainable development. Drawing on the statements made by Caribbean governments to the Open Working Group on the SDGs and in preparatory meetings for the SIDS conference in Samoa.

Reflections from Samoa: Renewable energy for economic development in the Caribbean

Wed, 2014-09-17 14:52
Nicole Leotaud

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

There are three reasons to scale up renewable energy in the Caribbean islands: achieving energy security; avoiding high fossil fuel costs and price volatility; and addressing environmental concerns. For the Caribbean, the first two economic arguments are driving the growing interest in wind, geothermal and solar energy as the top options.  

The Third International Conference on Small Island Development States (SIDS) in Samoa featured renewable energy as a key theme in the plenary presentations by Caribbean countries and during side event discussions.

Update from Samoa - "Absurd, unrealistic, indifferent, and criminal global economics"

Wed, 2014-09-10 11:42
Nicole Leotaud

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

Strong words like absurd, unrealistic, indifferent and criminal were heard from CARICOM delegations discussing global economic barriers to achieving sustainable development at the Third International Conference for Small Island Development States (SIDS) being held in Samoa.  

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