A partnership of research institutions
from around the world supporting
change for a sustainable future
Formed in 2012, the Independent Research Forum (IRF) partnership brought together organisations working on sustainable development around the world. The project is now closed. This website is no longer updated, but allows access to IRF blogs and recent publications until December 2019 when it will also close.

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Find information about the project on the IIED website
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What we do

IRF supports efforts to achieve the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals that were agreed at the 2015 UN Global Summit on Sustainable Development. We do this by conducting and sharing the results of research on key challenges around achieving the Goals, facilitating national and cross-country learning processes and providing expert advice to governments and other stakeholders.

What we believe

IRF’s approach is grounded in a common understanding among its partners that improved human wellbeing rests on a foundation of equitable prosperity and opportunity, healthy and productive natural systems, economic progress and democratic governance. This understanding is very much in line with the vision of sustainable development informing the 2030 Agenda.

IRF has identified a number of shifts in the way in which development is conceived and pursued that will be necessary to achieve that vision.